The Complete After Dinner Service
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With budgets remaining tight, it is vital you get value for money from your after dinner speaker and comedian. It is therefore tempting to see a "2 Speakers for a Grand" offer and think that's the best value out there.

You should be aware that we can offer the same deal but quite simply there has to be compromise on all parts to achieve such a price.

With comedians prices starting at 300 and speakers at 500, it is easy to do the maths however the very best comedians will only work at reduced rates on quiet nights of the week - Sunday - Wednesday. Likewise the speakers. If you want the best speakers out there on a Friday night, you won't do it for a grand. You will get an evenings entertainment but rest assured you will not get quality.

The prices we quote are based on a number of factors but are the most you could have to pay for a Friday night booking. For other days of the week the prices are very flexible in most cases.

We don't offer free memorabilia either. We are happy to put you in touch with genuine retailers who offer a local sale or return basis on all items but we have no financial gain in offering this service.

We don't offer gimmicks, just excellent service, value and honest advice - worth far more than a couple of cheap signed prints! That's why we've built up such a strong reputation over the years and are proud that our clients return year after year.