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Without doubt, one of the most important factors in ensuring a succesful function is having a competent host for the event.

Whether you are looking to maximise the fundraising on the evening, or simply add a professional egde to the overall presentation, an experienced host is a must. One thing we often hear is "the club chairman will compere the dinner - that will save us a couple of hundred quid" NO IT WON'T - In fact it is likely that it will COST YOU! With the odd exception to "in house comperes," a professional MC will ensure that the auction is run professionally, that the guests and speakers are introduced properly and that the running order works best to ensure the audience don't lose interest in the night's proceedings.

Our aim has always been to make an MC pay for himself on the night - by going that extra mile to ensure maximum fundraising. To keep the auction relaxed and humorous and become part of his act is an art and ensuring that things don't drag on to the detrement of the guest speakers is vital. It is hard to prove our case without simply trying it once and deciding for yourself whether it is value for money.
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