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As is the case in most sports, it takes something special to become a household name and legend. In the case of certain sports, achieving that success brings a financial wealth that simply means undertaking sporting speakers after dinner functions is not a consideration to many.

In the current climate it is unlikely that a budget aimed at fundraising and without corporate sponsorship will inevitably struggle to pull in stars from certain areas of sport. Think Golf, Tennis, Motorsport and recently retired Boxers and the names that are synonimous with the game are unlikely to accept speaking offers. Why put yourself through the stress of trying to make an audience laugh for thirty minutes when the mortgage doesn't depend on it!

However there are a number of legends who simply enjoy picking the microphone up, and who appreciate giving something back to the fans that supported them through their rise to fame. A number of former boxers, ex snooker players, some lesser known golfers and past jockeys and trainers are often booked for speaking events. We also work with a number of athletes, from track and field to swimming.

We also book sporting icons for exhibition events, be it a darts exhibition, snooker or pool evening or penalty shootouts. Going for a "non speaker" in this environment usually means most currently engaged as professional sportsmen are potentially available for your event. If you are looking for a sporting speaker please ask for further details.
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